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Onda Bistrot

In this eclectic place the codes of traditional cuisine change. Unexpected dishes but also traditional dishes await you to eat, have fun, relax.
A simple formula that includes the pleasures of taste and conviviality, which takes inspiration from the cuisine of Le Terre Gourmet and reinterprets it in an original way, making it suitable for every moment of the day, from breakfast to dinner.

The Location

The call to water, the walnut tables and the hanging lights from the high ceiling create a cozy and informal atmosphere for your relaxing moment, whether it be a break, lunch or dinner. You can sit at the counters for a quick break or sit at the tables to taste dishes with friends.


Head of the Life Source Food Experience Brigade is Chef Enzo Pettè.
Italian with international experience, Pettè is already awarded with a Michelin star. An innovator rooted in tradition: each dish respects the integrity of the raw material and at the same time seeks new combinations.
First chef and owner of Ristorante da Ciacco Fortezza Medicea in Florence, then chef at the Hotel Helvetia&bristol, arrives at the Restaurant Macelleria Motta in Milan in 2013. He spent the last few years as Executive of the restaurant inside the “Rosa Grand” in Milan.


Onda Bistrot

Onda Bistrot

We are happy to invite you to sit at our tables. Finger food and seasonal dishes offer unique and surprising flavors.